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26 juin 2016

Thank U

Thank U (Merci) How about getting off of these antibioticsQue dirais-tu de descendre ces antibiotiquesHow about stopping eating when I'm filled upQue dirais-tu d'arrêter de manger quand je suis remplieHow about them transparent dangling carrotsQue dirais-tu d'eux, carottes balançantes transparentesHow about that ever elusive kudoQue dirais-tu de cette gloire toujours évasive Thank you IndiaMerci IndeThank you terrorMerci terreurThank you disillusionmentMerci désillusionThank you frailtyMerci fragilitéThank you consequenceMerci... [Lire la suite]

30 août 2015


Alanis Morissette feat. Salif Keita : Mercy Pitié We have slaughteredNous avons massacréIn the garden of beautyDans le jardin de beautéDigging graves instead of plantingCreusant des tombes au lieu de planterMercy for the crucifiedPitié pour les crucifiésA bitter justiceUne amère justiceBegging eternity for loveSuppliant l'éternité pour de l'amour We're nothingNous ne sommes rienWe're everythingNous sommes tout I am nothingJe ne suis rienYet I am everybodyLà, je suis tout le monde We're nothingNous ne sommes rienAnd yet we areEt... [Lire la suite]
26 janvier 2014

Sorry to myself

Sorry To Myself (Desolée Pour Moi-même) For hearing all my doubts so selectivelyDe n'écouter qu'une partie choisie de mes doutesFor continuing my numbing relentlesslyDe m'engourdir sans cesse comme une incapableFor helping you and myself, not even consideringDe t'aider toi et moi-même, qui sommes inégaux en fin de compteFor beating myself up and over functioningDe me frapper moi-même et de trop travailler To whom do I owe the biggest apology ?A qui dois-je mes plus plates excuses ?No one's been crueller than I've been to mePersonne... [Lire la suite]
24 novembre 2013


Paroles et traduction : Still " I am the harm which you inflictI am your brilliance and frustrationI'm the nuclear bombs if they're to hitI'm your immaturaty and your indignanceI am your misfits and your praisedI am your doubt and your convictionI am your charity and your rapeI am your grasping and expectationI see you averting your glancesI see you cheering on the warI see you ignoring your childrenAnd I love you stillAnd I love you stillI am your joy and your regretI am your fury and your elationI am your yearning and your... [Lire la suite]
22 octobre 2013

Precious illusions

"you'll rescue me right? in the exact same way they never did.. I'll be happy right? when your healing powers kick in you'll complete me right? then my life can finally begin I'll be worthy right? only when you realize the gem I am? but this won't work now the way it once did and I won't keep it up even though I would love to once I know who I'm not then I'll know who I am but I know I won't keep on playing the victim these precious illusions in my head did not let me down when I was... [Lire la suite]